Submissions for The Tangled Bank anthology now open

Submissions are now open for The Tangled Bank, an anthology of speculative evolution. See the story, poetry, and art guidelines for more more information.

As far as we know, this is the only anthology of fiction celebrating the 2009 Darwin anniversaries, and I’m looking forward to putting together an entertaining and thought-provoking anthology. As the anthology title might suggest, we’re looking for a wide range of styles and genres, an ecology of ideas. How does evolution affect the search for meaning? Why was Darwin fascinated with worms? Are humans still evolving? In what ways will humans shape evolution in the future? How did elephants or mermaids evolve, and how would they feel about it? What creatures still lurk in the hidden cracks of the world? What does evolution really mean?

Speculative fiction from H.G. Wells to the present has often employed evolution as a simple dystopian metaphor: the threat of devolution. While there is still room for that if done well or with a sharply humorous or revisionist eye, I’m particularly looking for stories, poems, and artwork that push for a deeper understanding of evolution.

Wrap your ideas in a compelling story with vivid characters, a beautiful image, or something mysterious and experimental. Show us life in all its wet, organic (or digital) glory.


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