Deadlines and FAQ

Just a quick update to remind people that you only have two weeks to submit your story or poetry. And to announce that the deadline for art has changed:

Art will now be accepted after 30th June, until the anthology is filled.

A few frequently asked questions:

Do you accept reprints?

Yes, though the bar is higher than the standard for unpublished work. Generally, we’re more interested in recent publications. Please clearly state where and when the work was published when submitting.

Can I ignore the guidelines?

The guidelines are there for a reason. Reading them carefully will ensure that we’re in a good mood when we read your submission. But see the next question.

Should I query?

If you have something that you think is perfect for the anthology, but which doesn’t fit the guidelines, we’re probably still interested in seeing it. But it helps to send a query email first. We respond very quickly to all email.

Are you interested in non-fiction articles or essays?

Yes, but please query first.

What kind of stories or poems are you looking for?

Please refer to the Guidelines and the blog posts below. Essentially, we’re open to anything which explores evolution in a thought-provoking and entertaining way. One thing that we’re less interested in is variations on the X-Men theme: suddenly, and inexplicably, some humans evolve into a new race. There’s no reason this can’t be done well, but nearly all of the stories of this type we’ve seen don’t engage with evolution. If you could replace the new humans with robots or aliens without significantly affecting the story, then we probably won’t be interested.

A few other general tips for contributors:

  • It helps if you include your full name and the title of the work in the subject header, and the word/line count in the body of your email.
  • A cover note with a brief bio is helpful but not necessary.
  • There is no need to justify why your submission is perfect for the anthology, or to discuss the issues your submission explores — in our experience this is usually a bad sign.
  • You’ll receive an acknowledgement of your submission within a week, and usually within 48 hours. If your submission isn’t acknowledged within a week, please resend it. A few submissions have been filtered as spam.
  • We’ll have a decision for you within 90 days, but we’re currently responding much faster than that — within 30 days in most cases. Generally, the longer our response takes, the more seriously we’re considering your submission.

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