One month until submissions close

There are just under four more weeks until submissions for The Tangled Bank anthology close.

As you might expect, we’re seeing a lot of science fiction, space opera in particular. The Tangled Bank is an equal opportunity anthology, so it would be good to see more of other genres — fantasy, horror, new weird, steampunk, and all the rest. We’ve accepted a couple of excellent stories that explore evolution metaphorically, but in many submissions (particularly fantasy) the metaphor is too thin; no matter how good, stories about survival or change or human nature aren’t going to interest us unless there is a significant link to evolution at some level. Again, that deeper link doesn’t need to be scientific, it just needs to be recognisable as evolution. We’d also like to see more artwork.

The anthology is filling up with longer and serious stories, so shorter or lighter submissions will have something extra going for them. But, so long as the piece is an entertaining and thought provoking exploration of evolution, send it our way.


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One response to “One month until submissions close

  1. Hail,
    Seriousish, longer story, non metaphorical, now in the final critting stages by my beta group… and several intelligent plants. You will have it by the due date.
    This anthology is a brilliant idea – I look forward to reading it.

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