The Tangled Bank ePub edition released

The ePub edition of The Tangled Bank: Love, Wonder, and Evolution has just been released on for only $4.99. For anyone who likes to read ebooks on their iPhone or iPod Touch, this is the version for you. The ePub edition includes all content from the PDF edition in flowing text format.

Want both ePub and PDF? No problem: purchase of any digital edition includes the other digital edition free of charge. doesn’t yet support single purchase of multiformat editions, but simply forward your proof of purchase of a digital edition to thetangledbank (AT) and we’ll send you the book in your requested format.

If you’d like to read the anthology in other formats such as .LIT or .MOBI (not supported on Lulu), we recommend purchasing the ePub edition and using the free e-reader Calibre to convert to your preferred format.


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