Win a print copy of The Tangled Bank!

The print edition of The Tangled Bank: Love, Wonder, and Evolution launches in two weeks, on Darwin Day 2011.

To celebrate the launch, Tangled Bank Press is giving away THREE copies of the print edition! To win one, tell us your favourite evolutionary adaptation (real or imagined), in 50 words or less.

The three most interesting entries will win a copy of the print edition.

Post your entry either:

1. In the comments below; or

2. On the Tangled Bank Press Facebook Page under the “Discussions” tab.

The competition closes on 11 February at 5pm Australian EST (UTC+10). Winners will be announced on Darwin Day.



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4 responses to “Win a print copy of The Tangled Bank!

  1. Craig Stanton

    Orgasms, obviously.

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  3. Arn Thoring

    The Why of the Dance (poem by Arn Thoring 2010)

    Bees we thank
    for sweetness
    for work of busy virtue

    We suck on the honey
    as a dog on a bone
    a horse on a cube

    and think we know
    the tune of the humming
    the why of the dance

    while their flowering kingdom
    they shape
    to an alien vision

  4. Bioluminescence. Useful in genetics research. Beautiful in the dank depths of a limestone cave. Mind-blowing on a night dive, where every movement makes dinoflagellates flash blue fire, mirroring the stars.

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