‘The Tangled Bank: Love, Wonder, and Evolution’ launched!

The Tangled Bank: Love, Wonder, and Evolution is now on sale.

The anthology, which marks the 150th anniversary of Origin of Species, features over 100,000 words of speculative fiction, poetry, artwork, and essays about evolution.

An international line up of more than 40 contributors includes Sean Williams, Brian Stableford, Patricia Russo, Carlos Hernandez, Christopher Green, and Bruce Boston.

Like a free peek inside? Check out Darwin’s Daughter, a darkly beautiful tale from 2009 Aurealis Award winner Christopher Green.

More information about additional editions, included ePub and POD, will be posted in the next couple of days.



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The Tangled Bank launches Darwin Day, 2010

The Tangled Bank: Love, Wonder, & Evolution launches in just a few weeks! The anthology comes out on 12 February, 2010–Darwin’s 201st birthday. It will be available in multiple electronic formats and POD.

A free sample story from Aurealis Award-winner Christopher Green will be available for download here soon.

In the meantime, check out the front cover and Table of Contents. To keep up-to-date, join us on Facebook or Twitter, or you can email thetangledbank AT gmail.com to be added to Tangle Bank Press’s mailing list.

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Front cover of The Tangled Bank

Featuring the art of Teresa Young.


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Table of Contents announced!

Tangled Bank Press is pleased to announce the Table of Contents of its first publication.

THE TANGLED BANK: Love, Wonder, & Evolution will launch on Darwin Day,         12th February, 2010.

The anthology, which celebrates the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species, is bursting with over 100,000 words of fiction, poetry, artwork, and essays.

An international line-up of nearly 50 contributors includes Sean Williams, Brian Stableford, Patricia Russo, Carlos Hernandez, Bruce Boston, and Emily Ballou.

For regular updates, visit our Facebook or Twitter pages, or stay tuned to the website. The introduction and a free story will be posted just prior to release.

Thank you to all who submitted!

Love, Wonder, & Evolution


A.M. Muffaz, Finches
Z.S. Adani, A Fistful of Tassels
Brendan Carson, Vaster than Empires
Gerald Costlow, Mercy
Marlissa Campbell, The Proust Effect
Anil Menon, The Uncertain Hour
Jen White, An Ordinary Boy
Douglas A. Van Belle, Detritus of a Second-hand Mind
Anne Lyle, Hopeful Monsters: A Darwinian Fairytale
Ben Francisco, On the Entropy of Species
Christopher K. Miller, The Pigs Are Not Alone
Gitte Christensen, Nullipara
Catherine J. Gardner, The Sound of Sharp Voices
Carlos Hernandez, Confessions of a Voluntary Egg Carrier
Jetse de Vries, The Frog Pool
James S. Dorr, Pets
Chris Lynch, The Feathered Serpent
Christopher Green, Darwin’s Daughter
Michael C. Lea, Orgueil
Kelly Jameson, A Bear Trains a Man
Jefferson Navicky, Map of the Provinces
K.R. Sands, Boy of Bone
Brian Stableford, Creationism
Patricia Russo, Four Corners

Chris Lynch, Introduction
Russell Blackford, Science & the Sea of Faith

Sean Williams, The Origin of Haiku by Means of Natural Selection
Julie Bloss Kelsey, The Selective Pressure of Children
Jeff Schiff, Swim to Saunter
Zenobia Frost, How do you do, Tuatara
Holly Day, Insectile
Magdalena Ball, Expressions of the Emotions
Anne Bryan, Rapunzel & the Double Helix
Phil Boiarski, Pakicetus
Anne Bryan, For Darwin’s Birthday
Bronwyn Mehan, Where the people are more evolved
Susan Beem, Points North
Jim Pascual Agustin, Creatures of Lava Tubes
Elizabeth Schultz, Evolution of the Encantadas
Michelle Leber, Rock Pool, Undertow Bay
Bruce Boston, Ancient Catch
Emily Ballou, The Green Need

Teresa Young
Ernst Haeckel
Chris Rodenhurst
Steven Rhodes
Cat Sparks


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Tangled Bank Press logo

Tangled Bank Press logo

TBP’s lovely new logo, courtesy of illustrator Chris Porter.

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Submissions closed

Submissions have now closed for The Tangled Bank anthology.

Thanks to all who submitted — over 280 submissions, a fantastic response.

Stay tuned for an update on the publication date.

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One month until submissions close

There are just under four more weeks until submissions for The Tangled Bank anthology close.

As you might expect, we’re seeing a lot of science fiction, space opera in particular. The Tangled Bank is an equal opportunity anthology, so it would be good to see more of other genres — fantasy, horror, new weird, steampunk, and all the rest. We’ve accepted a couple of excellent stories that explore evolution metaphorically, but in many submissions (particularly fantasy) the metaphor is too thin; no matter how good, stories about survival or change or human nature aren’t going to interest us unless there is a significant link to evolution at some level. Again, that deeper link doesn’t need to be scientific, it just needs to be recognisable as evolution. We’d also like to see more artwork.

The anthology is filling up with longer and serious stories, so shorter or lighter submissions will have something extra going for them. But, so long as the piece is an entertaining and thought provoking exploration of evolution, send it our way.

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